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You work hard to keep your beautiful area rug clean. Unfortunately, all it takes is one slip, and before you know it, you’ve spilled coffee, wine, or spaghetti sauce on the rug. Try these rug stain removal tips to eliminate discoloration as effectively as possible.

Tips to Clean Carpet Stains

  1. Act fast: The longer a staining liquid or solid sits on your rug, the deeper it seeps into the fibers. This means you must work quickly to prevent set-in stains. If the spill is older when you find it, some minor discoloration may be permanent.
  2. Remove solids: Gently scrape away any solids sitting on the rug with a spoon, butter knife, thin spatula, or the corner of a credit card. Be careful not to press the material deeper into the carpet.
  3. Blot the stain: Press a white paper towel or cloth into the carpet to absorb as much liquid as possible, frequently moving to a dry section of the cloth. Never scrub the spill, which only spreads the discoloration and makes it more difficult to remove. Being too aggressive can also fray the fibers and change your carpet’s appearance.
  4. Make homemade carpet stain remover: Harsh commercial cleaners can damage a delicate area rug, so avoid using store-bought products on carpet spills. Instead, make your own homemade stain remover by mixing 1 teaspoon of mild dish soap, 1 tablespoon of white vinegar, and 3/4 cup of water in a small bowl or spray bottle.
  5. Remove the stain with your homemade cleaner: Dip a soft, white cloth into the solution or spray the stain remover directly on the spill, working from the outside in to prevent spreading. Blot with a damp cloth to remove the soapy residue and press a dry paper towel into the cleaned area. Repeat these steps until color no longer transfers to the paper towel.
  6. Vacuum the rug: Finish the job by vacuuming the cleaned area to lift the carpet fibers into a desirable position. If the stain remains once the carpet dries, repeat step 5 as many times as needed.

Rugs Stain Removal Service in Jackson, TN

When to Leave Rug Stain Removal to a Professional

Do you have a valuable Oriental rug or other floor covering made of silk or wool? These materials have delicate fibers that can be damaged with traditional cleaning methods. To prevent making matters worse, consider leaving the job to a professional.

Taghavi’s Oriental Rugs in Memphis, TN, has been the premier seller and repair shop for high-quality Oriental rugs since 1977. We take great pride in treating every customer’s rug with the utmost attention and respect. While many rug cleaners use machines and harsh chemicals, we clean each product by hand using natural cleaners for the gentlest care and best results. For help removing stains from your prized Oriental rug, please contact us today at 901-327-5033 and request a no-obligation rug-cleaning estimate.