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Welcome to Ali A Taghavi Master Weaver Largest Oriental and Persian Rug Selection in Memphis, TN and the Mid-South. Over 5000 rugs in stock!! Check out our selection of new and antique rugs. Custom rugs also available. We carry oversized rugs, runners, tapestries and home decorative accessories. We specialize in rug repair and cleaning too!

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The "By Hand" Difference

Here at Taghavi we take pride in our work and provide the highest quality rug repair and cleaning services. Our time proven techniques and careful attention to detail ensure that every rug is thoroughly cleaned and/or repaired. While some rug cleaners use harsh chemicals and damaging machine processes, we gently perform most of the cleaning process by hand. We only use non-damaging mechanical processes that delicately assists with cleaning the rug. This high-quality treatment is much safer for the rug and actually removes more dirt and stains from the rug. To learn more about our process, please watch the video and visit our process page.


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Meet the Craftsmen

Experts in their craft, the Tagavi's have been working with high-end oriental rugs since their childhood.

Ali Tagavi - Master Weaver

Ali A Taghavi

Founder | Master Weaver

Taghavi Rugs


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Hamid Taghavi


Ali's father and brother taught him the art of weaving at the age of 5. By the age of 8, he opened his own business as a weaver of rugs. Now his work is globally recognized and trusted by oriental rug owners and experts alike.

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