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Deodorizing Rugs and Carpeting in Memphis, TN

If your rug or carpeting smells, it’s a sign that the fibres have dirt, grime, and harmful bacteria trapped inside. Over time, this degrades the quality of the rug and carpet fibres, and your rug won’t last as long or look as beautiful as it could. If you own an antique Persian or Oriental rug and need help getting smells out of the carpet, a professional rug cleaner can deodorize your rug while still preserving its health and beauty. At Taghavi’s Oriental Rugs, we know how to get smells out of carpeting and make carpeting smell good again. If you need professional carpet or rug deodorizing, just give us a call today to schedule an appointment for an evaluation and cleaning.

The Benefits of Deodorizing

Having your rug professionally deodorized protects the rug from further damage and ensures it looks beautiful for years to come. If you have an antique or valuable rug, rug deodorizing will not only remove dirt, grime, and foul odors, but it will also enhance the overall value of your rug. Here are some of the other main benefits of rug deodorizing:

Remove dirt, grime, and foul odors

Pest and insect control

Improving the health of the rug and eliminating harmful bacteria

Reinforce the strength and beauty of your rug

Prevent further or future damage

Remove carpet smells

Remove pet stains and odors

Freshen a carpet that has been in a home with cigarette smoke

Improve indoor air quality by removing allergens

Makes the rug safe and comfortable to touch with bare skin

Our Custom Cleaning and Deodorizing Solution

At Taghavi’s Oriental Rugs, we use a custom cleaning and deodorizing solution that is safe for rugs and carpeting of all styles, fibres, ages, and values. We have been perfecting our carpet and rug deodorizing process for decades to ensure we’re fully deodorizing rugs and carpeting while preserving the beauty and value of the rug. We first fully evaluate each rug to determine if it is in good enough condition to withstand the cleaning and deodorizing process. We also will recommend any repairs at this stage, so the rug won’t become further damaged during cleaning. We’ll then perform a spot test to ensure the rug reacts well to the cleaning and deodorizing solution and won’t experience any fading or color running. After the rug is cleaned and deodorized, we dry it completely and then roll and wrap it for pickup or storage.

Why Choose Us for Rug Deodorizing in Memphis?

When you visit us at Taghavi’s Oriental Rugs for rug deodorizing in Memphis, TN, you’re choosing a family that has decades of experience in antique and Oriental rug services. Our family has been perfecting the art of caring for, cleaning, and repairing Persian and Oriental rugs for decades, and we’ve been providing high-quality services to Memphis since 1977. You won’t find anyone else in the area with as much expertise and knowledge.

Learn More About Our Rug Deodorizing Services in Memphis

If you’re wondering how to make your carpet smell good again, our staff can help. Our rug deodorizing services are guaranteed to remove smells from carpeting and rugs and leave your rugs looking like new again. When we’re finished getting smells out of your carpet, your rug or carpeting will last for generations to come and its value and beauty will be preserved. To learn more or to schedule an appointment for rug deodorizing or cleaning, call us today or contact us online.

We Care for Oriental Rugs the Way They Should Be