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Rug Storage in Memphis, TN

If you are moving or simply don’t have room to have your rugs out in your current living space, you should store your rugs carefully to prevent mold or rot, bug infestations, damage, and dirt from ruining the rugs and destroying their value. There are a few different ways that you can safely store rugs, including in your home, in a warehouse or storage locker, or in a specialized rug storage facility. If you’re wondering how to store rugs or how to roll a rug for storage, our experts at Taghavi’s Oriental Rugs have some helpful advice. Keep reading to learn how to store Persian rugs, or feel free to call us with your questions.

How Do You Store Rugs?

In order to properly store a rug or utilize a rug storage tube, you should follow these rules:

Clean the rug before storage – You should have the rug professionally cleaned before storage so that dirt and grime don’t set in and become permanent. Take your rug to an expert rug cleaner, as they know the right cleaning agents and cleaning processes to use.

Protect the rug from bugs and pests – Your rug cleaner can also recommend insect repellent products or sprays that will keep bugs and other pests from destroying the rug during storage.

Use a rug storage tube or breathable fabric to wrap and protect the rug – You should protect the rug before storing it by wrapping it in a rug storage tube or a breathable fabric to keep out bugs, dirt, and moisture. If you don’t have a rug storage tube, you can use cotton, muslin, or another breathable fabric. You can also use a specialized polyurethane rug wrap, designed to provide superior protection from moisture and insects. Do not wrap your rug in plastic for storage, as it will prevent the rug from breathing.

Tightly roll the rug – Rolling the rug not only makes it take up less space so it’s easier to store, but it also protects it from insect damage, dust, dirt, wear and tear, and warping or fading. The more delicate side of the rug should face inwards to protect it further. If you’re wondering how to roll a rug for storage, you should keep the rug as straight as possible while rolling. You can use a rod to help keep the rug straight.

Store the rug in the proper environment – The rug should then be stored in a temperature-controlled, low-humidity environment to prevent damage. The rug should be stored off the ground, and you should never store anything on top of the rug. You can use a fan or dehumidifier to further protect it. Block light so the rug doesn’t fade, and try to keep dirt and dust out of the area.

Check the rug for damage periodically – You should unroll the rug and check it for damage every few months. If you notice signs of damage, take the rug in for repair and cleaning immediately and then store it somewhere else.

Why Store Your Rugs?

You should properly store your rugs in order to protect them from wear and tear, temperature changes, bug and pest infestations, dirt and grime, damage, and anything else that might ruin them or reduce their value. Many people choose to store their rugs when they know they won’t be living in their home for a period of time, and don’t want the rugs to sit there collecting dust. You might also store your rugs if you’re moving into a new place and don’t have room for them. Families might store rugs if they got a new pet and are worried the rug will become damaged if it remains out in the home. Rug storage is typically temporary, and is meant to protect the rug for a period of time while it isn’t being used.

Using Storage Units to Store Rugs

Certain storage units offer temperature and humidity control, dust-free environments, and 24/7 security features. This can make them the perfect place to safely store a rug. If you don’t have room in your home, or don’t want to store your rug in a shed or garage, you should consider a climate-controlled storage unit. Call nearby storage units and make sure that they offer climate-controlled, pest-free environments for rug storage.

Contact Us Today

If you need more information on how to store Persian rugs, contact us at Taghavi’s Oriental Rugs. Our family has been in the fine rug industry for decades, and we have been providing professional, expert rug cleaning and repair services to the Memphis community since 1977. We can tell you where to find rug storage tubes and how to roll a rug for storage, as well as the best place to store rugs to ensure they won’t become damaged or lose their value. Just call us today or contact us online.