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Rug Appraisals in Memphis, TN

If you’ve had an Oriental or Persian rug in your family for years or even decades, you may be wondering what it’s worth today. Oriental and Persian rugs can gain value over the years if they’ve had the proper care and cleaning. Only professionals with experience in authentic, antique Persian and Oriental rugs can determine their true worth and value. At Taghavi’s Oriental Rugs, we’re a family-owned and operated business that has been in Memphis since 1977. Our family has decades of experience in the rug industry, and we offer reliable, trusted Persian and Oriental rug appraisals. To learn more about our free rug appraisal services, call us today.

Our Appraising Services

At Taghavi’s Oriental Rugs, we have devoted our lives to providing the highest quality Persian and Oriental rugs to our community. We also offer expert rug cleaning and rug repair, as well as Oriental and Persian rug appraisal in Memphis, TN. Our Master Weaver, Ali Taghavi, has been practicing the art of Oriental rug making since 1950, when he was taught by his father and brother at the age of 5 years old. This extensive experience, as well as his eye for detail and his love of the craft, makes him an expert in Persian and Oriental rug value estimation in Memphis, TN. A lot of time, love, and effort goes into our rug value estimation, but because we genuinely love and value our community, we offer free rug appraisals.

Rug Appraisal Services Explained

Our family has decades of experience in finding, cleaning, repairing, and appraising Persian and Oriental rugs. We consider a wide range of factors when evaluating a rug to provide a free rug appraisal. Oriental and Persian rug appraisal does not rely on a simple formula or calculation; rather, our rug and carpet appraisals are a complex process. We first appraise the knot count, or knot density, per inch. The higher the knot count, the more detailed and finely woven the rug is. However, knot count is not the only factor in rug appraisal. We also evaluate the condition of the rug, its age, the region in which it was made, the maker (if known), and the care of the rug.

Appraising Rugs of Fine Detail

The intricacy of the design and the visual impact of the rug are two very important factors when performing a carpet appraisal in Memphis, TN. A higher amount of detail and a more delicate design indicates a higher level of craftsmanship by the rug’s creator, and thus a higher overall value of the rug itself. A rug appraiser or rug value estimator must consider the overall design and craftsmanship in addition to the knot count in order to get a real sense of the value of the rug. This means that only those who have decades of experience in the industry and extensive experience in rug appraisal have the skill and talent needed to determine the rug’s value.

The Impact of Design and Colors on Rug Appraisal Value

Additional important factors that determine the overall value of a rug are the design and colors the rug maker used. Breathtaking designs and unique color combinations may increase the overall value of a Persian or Oriental rug, as they stand out from the rest. Some rug designs are very rare, like the Persian vase designs, tree of life designs, and pictorial carpets. A rug value estimator will be able to immediately spot a rare and precious rug design when doing an appraisal.

Considering the Rug’s Materials and Quality

Finally, our rug value estimator considers the rug’s overall quality and the materials used. Wool and cotton are very common fibers in rug making, and generally won’t increase the overall value of a rug. Silk, camel hair, and goat hair are rare fibers in rug making, and will increase the value of your rug significantly. Silk tends to bring the highest price, as it is a very complicated fiber to produce. Rug makers typically use silk when they want to create a rug with an intricate, complex design. Our rug appraiser will also consider the quality of the materials used, and the quality of the craftsmanship of the rug maker.

Schedule an Appointment for Oriental Rug Appraisal

If you’re interested in learning more about the value of your Persian or Oriental rug, contact us today at Taghavi’s Oriental Rugs. We can explain how our free rug appraisal process works, and schedule an appointment for you to bring your rug in for an appraisal. We also offer expert rug cleaning and rug repair services. To learn more about our Persian and Oriental rug appraisals in Memphis, TN or to schedule an appointment, call us today or contact us online.