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Oriental Rug Maintenance Tips in Memphis, TN


A high-quality Oriental rug is an investment in home décor that will never lose value or go out of style. In fact, these beautiful carpets increase in value and aesthetic appeal as time goes on. Unfortunately, once you put a rug onto your floor, it’s susceptible to spills, stains, and mishaps. How can you keep up with rug cleaning and prevent damage to your Oriental rug? We’ve got some tips to help you deal with stains and maintain your rug’s quality.

Of course, prevention is the best cure, so it’s wise to put some rules in place to protect your rug. Don’t wear shoes or carry liquids when you’re crossing your Oriental rug, and vacuum it regularly. If an accident happens, follow these steps.

  • Clean spills quickly. The cardinal rule of rug cleaning is that you should act promptly whenever there’s the potential for a stain. If you don’t attend to a stain quickly, it’s likely to become extremely difficult to remove. If liquid spills onto your rug, blot up the excess liquid, using white cloth to avoid color transference to the rug. If a solid falls onto the rug, use a clean spoon or spatula to scoop it up, then use a clean towel to absorb any liquid or remove leftover crumbs.
  • Once you’ve removed most of a liquid spill, analyze the situation. What type of liquid was spilled? Would it be beneficial to dilute it with a little bit of water? Be careful not to add too much water, or you risk causing the dye in your rug to bleed. Blot the rug and never scrub it. When in doubt, don’t delay, but take your rug in to be cleaned professionally as quickly as possible.
  • Pet waste stains can be alarming. They’re difficult to remove and have a terrible smell. However, the right expertise can save your Oriental rug. The first step is to blot urine as quickly as possible before it has a chance to set in, or quickly remove solid waste. By removing as much of the waste as possible, you’ll be able to mitigate the damage before bringing it in for professional cleaning.

The smartest thing you can do in any situation that may stain your Oriental rug is to bring it to someone who understands these exquisite carpets and how to clean them properly. If you’re looking for high-quality rugs or meticulous Oriental rug cleaning near Memphis, TN, trust Taghavi’s Oriental Rugs. Since 1977, our family-owned and operated rug store has been providing exceptional quality rugs and reliable services to customers all over the world. Based in Memphis, our store features a large inventory of hand-crafted Oriental rugs, some made by master weaver Ali Taghavi, and others by respected rug weavers in other parts of the world. We also provide onsite Oriental rug cleaning and repair services, with experienced professionals doing all the work by hand. Contact us for a no-obligation estimate, check out our inventory of more than 5,000 oriental rugs for sale or talk to us about custom-made rugs.