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A beautiful rug is an investment, and you’ll want to keep it in great condition. Our range of rug services can both restore and guard against future damage, keeping your rug looking its very best. 

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  • Oriental Rug Cleaning and Hand Washing

To keep your rug looking fresh, as well as preserving its color and texture, we offer a range of cleaning techniques. We specialize in hand washing, hand cleaning, and dry cleaning, and will never use harsh techniques that can damage your rug.

Most rugs should be cleaned every two to three years. For rugs that are subjected to heavy traffic, it may be necessary to clean these more often.

To find out about our unique cleaning processes and to learn why your rug is always in safe hands with us, click here.

  • Rug and Carpet Repair

With over 65 years’ experience of repairing and restoring all kinds of Oriental and Persian rugs, Ali Taghavi, Master Weaver, is an expert at bringing damaged rugs and carpets back to their former glory.

He’ll begin by carefully repairing the foundation, before reweaving the rug or carpet. Ali’s repair work is world-renowned – to see why, click here.

  • Mothproofing

Wool moths and other pests, such as carpet beetles, silverfish and crickets, are the enemies of Oriental rugs. An infestation can cause huge damage; a female lays hundreds of eggs at a time, leaving the larvae to feast on the fibers of the rug.

Our mothproofing service will guard your rug against unwanted infestations, making the wool fibers inedible to larvae. And as with all our services, the product we use will not damage your rug; it’s non-toxic, safe for humans and pets, and will keep the natural dyes of the wool bright and vibrant.

  • Rug Pads

Prevention is better than cure, as they say, and a good rug pad will help keep your rug free from unnecessary damage for longer.

By creating a cushioned layer between the rug and the hard floor, the pad absorbs impact from foot traffic, preventing damage to the foundation of your rug.

  • Scotchgarding

It’s not always possible to prevent spills and stains, but it is possible to limit the damage they cause, thanks to ScotchgardTM. Our professional application is suitable for any type of rug, and forms a molecular shield around every rug fiber.

This shield reduces the surface area of the fiber, which makes it less likely to absorb any spills, as well as helping it to repel dirt, dust and liquid. If a spill does occur, you have more time to clean up the liquid before it is absorbed, reducing the chances of staining.

ScotchgardTM is one of the best products on the market for protecting rugs and carpets, and is non-toxic, safe for pets and humans, and free from CFCs and solvents.

We sell, service and support many types of rugs:

  • New Rugs
  • Antique Rugs
  • Custom Rugs
  • Oversized Rugs
  • Machine-Made Rugs
  • Tapestries
  • Runners (Professionally Installed)

We offer a variety of size, shapes and styles:

  • Persian
  • Indian
  • Turkish
  • Pakistan
  • New & Antique Oushak
  • New & Antique Serapi
  • And More!

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