Rug Repair

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If your expensive Oriental rug is damaged, you only have one chance to repair or restore it – and if this is not done properly, the whole rug will be ruined. At Taghavi Oriental Rugs, we are proud to offer the best rug repair services for full rug restoration in Memphis, using traditional, time-honored techniques.

We provide a free, no-obligation inspection of any rugs or kilims in need of repair or restoration, during which we will explain the range of options available. We also give clear and detailed pricing information, ensuring you have the knowledge to make an informed decision about your repair or restoration option.

Reweaving is a notoriously difficult task, and it takes experience and talent to do it well. Ali Taghavi, Master Weaver, is an expert in his field, having been taught the art as a child. His outstanding ability has led to an extensive customer base in the US and abroad, and dealers from around the world have consulted Ali for repair and restoration work on behalf of their many clients.

Every rug that Ali repairs is treated individually, because each style requires a different method of repair. The wool also needs to match exactly the colors of the original rug, meaning that the wool must be dyed and aged with natural dyes or vegetable dyes before he can start. Only once this has been done can he begin the highly skilled and meticulous task of reweaving.

What is reweaving?

Reweaving involves replacing the warps and wefts of the missing foundation of a damaged rug, and then adding in pile knots. In order to do it well, the repair needs to match the existing rug perfectly, meaning:

  • the warps and wefts need to be the same size and material of the rest of the rug,
  • the new knots need to be the same (either symmetrical or unsymmetrical, and the same size), and
  • the wool needs to match the existing colors, so darker strands and lighter strands are plied together to recreate the exact desired tone.

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Rug Repair Work Examples

Case 1: Damaged Persian Antique Serapi - 150 years

Step 1:

Damaged rug before restoration. Dry rot damage

239006-9103861543 step 1

Step 2:

Area cleaned up for new foundation. After foundation is complete, Ali Taghavi, Master Weaver, will dye and age all wool with natural/vegetable dyes to start weaving process.

239007-9103861543 step 2

Step 3:

Foundation is complete. 10" of weave is complete.

239008-9103861543 step 3

Step 4:

95% of weave complete of Persian Antique Serapi

239009-9103861543 step 4

Step 5:

Restoration 100% complete. All of Ali Taghavi's repairs and restorations are of this quality. His attention to detail makes Ali Taghavi, Master Weaver, an artist in this field.

239010-9103861543 step 5

The Final Product:

The completed rug restored 100%.

239005-9103861543 step6

Do you need rug restoration services?

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