Our Process

The "By Hand" Difference


Taghavi’s Oriental Rugs uses cleaning techniques that remove dirt and stains without damaging the texture of the color. Ali Taghavi recommends that rugs are cleaned every two to three years with normal traffic. Heavy traffic may require more regular cleanings. We specialize in hand washing, hand cleaning and cleaning. Moth-proofing, stain removal, deodorizing, scotch guarding, pads and other supplies are available.



The art form of weaving rugs was instilled in Ali Taghavi at the early age of five. With the guidance of his father and his brother, Ali learned the necessary skills of the trade and eventually opened his own business three years later. At only eight years old, Ali started receiving phone calls from all over the globe requested his finely crafted rugs. Additionally, various dealers throughout the states would seek his assistance with restoring rugs for hundreds of customers.

In pursuit of his passion for rug weaving, Ali decided to make the move to Memphis, Tennessee, along with his son. There, they opened Taghavi Oriental Rugs. Today, the family-owned and -operated business continues to house the largest selection of oriental and Persian rugs throughout Memphis, Tennessee and the mid-South. Every year, the father and son team travel thousands of miles to select the finest rugs for their customers.

Taghavi's Oriental Rugs does excellent repair and restoration work on all types of Oriental and Persian rugs. Ali Taghavi, Master Weaver, will repair the foundation and reweave the rug restoring it back to its original beauty. Below are a few examples of his fine work.